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Mona Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Orange County, California specializing in pediatric consulting hypnosis whose credentials are endorsed by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Hypnosis Association, and has received additional certifications from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She is an EFT Practitioner and lives in Huntington Beach with her husband, three children, and heavily-in-need-of-hypnosis puppy. You can read more about her in the Orange County Register at:


Hypnosis for Executives & Entreprenuers

Welcome. Even though we’ve not yet met, I know who you are. You are an executive or entrepreneur for whom excellence is a way of life. You are a “think outside the box” achiever for whom good enough, simply isn’t. In all probability, you could benefit from calming stress release and accessto an amazing tool to reduce and manage stress going forward. Perhaps your self confidence has taken a hit. Maybe you’ve lost touch with your goals and/or what motivates you and could use a burst of creativity and optimism.

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Hypnosis for Kids and Teens

Children and teens make great candidates for hypnosis. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy, is a safe, drug free, all natural tool to help kids over the bumps in life and improve or change the things about themselves they struggle with. Kids and teens love the idea of quick change with little effort (who doesn’t) and with hypnosis, change is fast and easy because it goes right to the root of the problem stored in the subconscious mind.  

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Hypnosis for Athletes Hypnosis for Performing Arts

What do elite athletes and competitive performers have in common? They each have an unwavering desire to achieve more and take their game to the next level! Hypnosis supplies the kind of mental training that gives athletes and performers the edge in competition and makes entering the peak performance state automatic.

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My daughter has autism, and her social anxiety and self stimming was affecting her ability to function in middle school. Working with Mona my daughter no longer ‘stims’ in public and has gotten over her anxiety and self doubt and is now a typical 8th grader! She has friends, participates in school and social activities, and has learned to help herself when certain situations arise.  Without Mona’s help she would not be where she is today – on the road to success! –

Anonymous, Mom

I am for the most part a very logical skeptical personality,Whether born out of 15 years of law-enforcement experience with the LAPD or somehow related to my upbringing. Mona’s hypnotherapy has allowed me to unlock my subconscious and navigate through one of the toughest most arduous special weapons and tactics schools in all of law-enforcement. Mona has helped me manage the highest levels of stress in order to allow my training to work at its optimal level. Mona has helped me maximize my abilities and focus all my energy at completing the tasks at hand. Thank You and I will continue to seek your guidance.

Leo Maya, LAPD

We are so grateful to Mona and love working with her! She helped my daughter manage her nerves prior to performances, overcome and put into perspective setbacks and helped her strengthen her confidence. When I watch my daughter perform, I notice in her a new sense of calm and resolve to put forward the best performance possible. Mona is an essential part of our team and we continue to work with her to help my daughter grow and develop her musical talents.

Christa, Mom

I can’t say enough about Mona. She helped my son tremendously and he still has the fondest memories of the time he went to work on his fears. She is so warm, disarming and engaging and makes what could be frightening for some, very easy and even fun. Her work is effortless and her flexibility, especially when working with children, makes her a true professional with a profound gift.

Karen Ogden, MA, MFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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